2nd Workshop on Big Data and Social Media

Venue: ICMS, Edinburgh

On Thursday 28th November 2013, there will be the 2nd Workshop on Big Data and Social Media, at ICMS Edinburgh.

The event will bring together people in commerce, government and academia, covering technical issues (data, collection, algorithms, high performance computing) and implications for marketing, healthcare, social sciences and the study of human interaction (questions of interest, limitations, pitfalls). The workshop is funded by the Centre for Numerical Algorithms and Intelligent Software (NAIS). The workshop Twitter hashtag is #edbdsoc




7th International Conference on PGAS Programming Models

Venue: John McIntyre Centre, Pollock Halls, Edinburgh

Partitioned Global Address Space (PGAS) programming models offer a shared address space model that simplifies programming while exposing data/thread locality to enhance performance. The PGAS conference is the premier forum to present and discuss ideas and research developments in the area of: PGAS models, languages, compilers, runtimes, applications and tools, PGAS architectures and hardware features.

07.09.2013 to 11.09.2013

PACT 2013

Venue: Edinburgh

The 22nd International Conference on Parallel Architectures and Compilation Techniques will be held in Edinburgh.

25.06.2013 to 28.06.2013

25th Biennial Numerical Analysis Conference

Venue: University of Strathclyde

Fox Prize Meeting 2013

Venue: ICMS, Edinburgh

The IMA Leslie Fox Prize is a prestigious international prize which honours “young numerical analysts worldwide”. 


Data assimilation in oceanography and weather forecasting

Venue: 6206, JCMB, Edinburgh

ERGO seminar

03.06.2013 to 05.06.2013

Applying Quantum Mechanics to Alloy Design for Nuclear Reactor Steels

Venue: Higgs Centre for Theoretical Physics
01.05.2013 to 03.05.2013

Optimization and Big Data Workshop, Trek and Colloquium

Venue: Informatics Forum, University of Edinburgh

The age of Big Data is here: data of huge sizes is becoming ubiquitous.  This workshop aims to bring together researchers working on novel optimization algorithms and codes capable of working in the Big Data setting. 

09.04.2013 to 11.04.2013

EASC2013: Solving Software Challenges for Exascale

Venue: Edinburgh

The aim of this conference is to bring together all of the stakeholders involved in solving the software challenges of the exascale – from application developers, through numerical library experts, programming model developers and integrators, to tools designers.


Big Data and Social Media Workshop

Venue: Glasgow